Summer Tennis Academy at St. Johns
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Dear Students, Parents and Friends,

As summer 2013 approaches, we invite you to explore the exciting opportunities
that are part of the seventh season of our Summer Tennis Academy here at
St. Johns. In keeping with our commitment to quality in tennis development
we are streamlining the summer experience and adding an emphasis on
physical fitness and conditioning through concentration on movement, balance
and ball control.  Together with development of stroke techniques reinforced
with drills and competition, they form the basis of a rewarding tennis experience. 

Our mission at the Summer Tennis Academy is to develop a high quality student athlete through technical and physical skill development, concentration and responsibility.  The Rookie program (ages 5-7) focuses on agility and strength as organized by Coach Rebhuhn and follows the USTA Quick Start Program (modeled on the French Early Training Method) that uses shorter rackets, lighter balls and smaller courts.  This brings the game to the younger children much like soccer and golf, allowing them to more efficiently improve techniques and movement.  Juniors (ages 8-11) will focus on learning the ground strokes, serve and volley in order for each player to achieve their desired goal.  Ground strokes and volley technique development drills will be incorporated into games.  Advanced Juniors (ages 12-16) add plyometrics and dead ball drills, serve and volley game analysis and strategy sessions.

Throughout the program, both on and off the court, we focus on the development of social skills including team play, reliability and persistence and how they can impact each player's self esteem.

Please review the programs that are of interest to you and contact us with any questions.  Also, note that at your request, we have increased the Summer Academy day from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

We look forward to seeing you  this summer!           
                                                  Eric Rebhuhn
                                                      Academy Director

                        Eric Rebhuhn
                              ER Tennis Inc.
                        St. John's University
              8000 Utopia Parkway, Queens, NY 11439                             
                             Tel. 718-990-5549
                   Email to:    
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